Professional Biographies – An Effective Marketing Tool

More and more business leaders, entrepreneurs and franchisors are discovering that publishing a personal biography enhances their reputation, their career and their business. Let me share with you the many benefits of having your own biography, what it should contain, how to make the best use of it, and finally, how to get it written quickly and cost-effectively.

The benefits of having your own biography
If you have achieved a great deal in your life then let people know about it, especially if you want to maximise your personal profile. In these days of ‘virtual’ everything, it is important that the clients and customers you deal with realise that you are very much real.

A biography is very personal and sharing you life story with others will show another side to you.

To be willing to share the ups and down and highs and lows is something that people will appreciate. It shows that you are very much a ‘tangible’ person giving you integrity and depth.

If you run your business largely on the Internet, a biography will be a great way for you to really connect with people, it will give them the opportunity to know what the person behind the success is really like.

No matter what you do, credibility and provenance are great assets and having them will put you ahead of your competitors. Those who read your biography will learn that they can put their trust in you and your business.

What your biography should contain
A professional biography is a great opportunity for you to show others how you achieved success. Your story might be one of struggle or incredible sacrifice. It may be one that will motivate others or demonstrate how inspiration and perspiration can achieve results. One thing that your biography most certainly will be is unique to you and your business.

Your biography should:
• Outline the circumstances of you birth and childhood.
• Talk about your school and university life, the fun times and the achievements.
• Allow the reader to get to know the real you.
• Detail your career and business success.
• Reveal your challenges as well as your successes.
• Share entertaining stories and anecdotes.
• Share some of the wisdom and knowledge that you have accumulated.
• Outline the talents and virtues that you believe have made you successful.
• Talk about your future plans
• Advise others who may wish to follow the same path.

How to make the best use of your biography
A biography will generate confidence in you and your business so ensure you give as many people as possible the opportunity to read it. Here are a few suggestions:

• Post it on your website.
• Serialise it as a blog.
• Create a Facebook page and regularly post excerpts.
• Tweet excerpts and reviews with links to a page where the book can be bought or downloaded.
• Use the content for LinkedIn posts.
• Offer it as a gift to collect personal data.
• Promote it on Amazon and the hundreds of e-book sites.
• Give is to prospects, clients, employees.
• Distribute it at speaking engagements or corporate events.
• Organise book signings.

Who knows, it may even become the next bestseller!

How to get your biography written proficiently, quickly and affordably
If you would like to have your biography published in the next two months, call one of the expert biographers at MyLife Biographies for a no obligation consultation.

If you choose to proceed they will visit you at your home or business and interview you over one of more days. They will then send you the transcript so that you can add anything you missed or delete anything you wish you’d never said!

If you feel it will be beneficial they will also interview members of your family, work colleagues or friends to get further insight into your life and achievements.

They will then use the edited transcripts to write your life story. You will receive the first draft within three weeks and after you have had the chance to read it the biographer will make any edits you require.

When the content has been agreed they will typeset the book and add any photographs that you would like included. They will even arrange for a portrait photograph to be taken for the cover if you don’t already have one that is suitable.

Once the artwork is agreed is will be sent for printing and two to three weeks later you will have the first hardback edition of you life story.

The cost of this service is normally £5,000 but MyLife is offering a 50% saving to all customers that commission their biography in January 2015. An opportunity not to me missed.

If you would like to discuss having your life story published, you can contact MyLife Biographies using the details below.

Telephone: 0800 689 1675
Mobile: 07885468674

Why Everyone Should Publish their Life Story

Publishing one’s life story is very important and it is possible in this technological era. Traditionally, people would write the story of their lives by use of a pen and a paper. This was a good way though had many drawbacks. The hand written stories had challenges such as unreadable handwritings, the pen ink fading away with time or the pieces of paper with some important life events getting lost after some years.

This would make the efforts of the individual writing their stories to be rendered useless especially after some decades. Technology has made it easier for one to write own life story and having it published in form of a biography. The published biography has benefits for the individual and other readers as well. Here are some reasons why you need to have your life story published.

Easy to update

Published biographies are easy to update. This is because the previous events are usually stored in the digital devices such as flash discs or even available online. In this case, you just need to edit the existing copies adding the resent events.

Safety of data and readability

The details contained in the published biography are safely stored and easy to read. The biography is made available in form of hand books and eBooks while being stored in other devices. This makes the materials available for all generations to read. Also, the biography is easy to read since it is typed work.

Easy to translate and source of income

Published biographies are easy to translate in different languages. Translating the biography makes it available to people around the globe. Published and translated biography can become an income generating project as people buy the eBooks and hand books of your life story.

Sharing Your Lessons of Life

Sharing your lessons of life is effectively done through a biography. The lessons of life emanates from the major events of one’s life. These events make up the biography which is a detailed description of one’s life. It is advisable to have an expert to write down the story of your life through which you can share with loved ones, friends and other interested internet users the lessons of life. A well written biography gives a clear description of experiences in life with gains and challenges that others can learn from. You might be wondering why bother sharing your lessons of life. Well here are some reasons that are worth considering.

Leave a legacy

When sharing your lessons of life, you are practically writing up your ups and downs from which you emerged triumphant. A biography gives details of events that brought you down and how you worked round the challenges rising above them and this becomes a lesson learnt. Also your moments of success explains your straggles to gain that deserved success. The challenging events and successes becomes a legacy that you leave behind for others to learn from.

Inspiration for many

The best way of sharing the lessons of life is through revealing the good, bad and ugly events in your life their consequences and how you handled each of them. Regardless of whether the event brought a good or bad experience to you, there emerges vital lessons that others can learn. This makes your biography an inspiration for many especially those in the same situation

Footsteps to follow

Shared life lessons provide a light at the end of the tunnel for the readers. The biography gives you a platform for sharing your lessons of life thus leaving footsteps for others to follow.

How to Choose Your Biographer

Identifying the ideal biographer to write your life story is very important. Biography writing is a challenging task to many as it requires prioritization of those important events in one’s life. This is because the biography covers your childhood, family life in adulthood, social and career life. Thus, it is advisable to entrust the entire task of biography writing to a biographer who is a professional writer with the skills and experience in biography writing. Here are some viable tips on how to choose your biographer.

Search online

Searching online for a professional biographer is easy and fast. You can carry out the search any time at a click of a button with a good internet connection. Online search helps you to access different biographers thus giving you a chance to compare their services. This makes it possible for you to identify the best biography writer in the online market.

Customer service

Today, top biographers are available online through their websites. This makes it easy to evaluate the customer service offered by each biographer. In order to identify the best, you need to check on the customers’ reviews given for the services rendered. This leads you to the biographer with the best customer service.


When choosing the biographer to write your life story, it is important to pick the one with vast experience in the field. However, remember that experience is not determined by the number of years one has worked but rather the number of biographies completed successfully. Therefore, go for the biographer with a clean track record of writing amazing biographies.


Biography requires constant updates as long as you are alive. Thus, it is advisable to choose a professional biographer giving great piece of work at best rates in the market.

Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Immortality

Biography writing generates a great gift to your loved ones that remains forever. What gift do I give to my wife, husband, children and other family members? This is a question that might have crossed your mind in different festivities and anniversaries. In most cases, you might have settled for different gifts depending on the occasion and the individual who receives the gift. Furniture, clothing, vehicle, wrist watch and toys among others top the list of most common gifts.

However, all the common gifts wears out, run out of fashion and the recipient might out grow the gift hence it loses its importance with time. But have you ever thought of giving your loved ones the gifts of immortality? The gift of immortality is a gift that remains in the hearts of your loved ones and it is passed from one generation to the next. This is a gift that retains its significance throughout the lives of your loved ones. That gift is a biography which is an in-depth description of your life right from birth to death.

Why is a biography a gift of immortality?

You might be tempted to argue that telling the events in your life to your loved ones is good enough. In oral narration, you are likely to leave out most important events and people are likely to forget the story.

A biography remains to be read by generations and the events are well thought out. Biography becomes a gift of immortality since it is inform of written words that are stored in soft copy and books that remains as you have written it even when you pass away. Biography is a gift that your loved ones cannot get it from anyone else apart from you.