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Your personal biography will give your family, especially your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a wonderful insight into the world you grew up in. It will reveal the hard times, the fun times, the achievements, the challenges and the lessons you learned along the way—lessons that can help your loved ones as they face similar challenges themselves.

The events that make up a life are of paramount importance to a person’s family, friends and descendants and should not be lost to time and fading memories.

We would consider it a privilege to be the caretakers of your life story and consider it a labour of love and an honour to preserve your experiences in print for generations to come.

You may also consider commissioning a biography for a relative such as a parent or grandparent. If you do, you will be giving them a unique and invaluable present—the gift of immortality.

You will be pleased to learn that when we create your biography it will involve very little of your time. We will initially spend a day interviewing you in your home, or another convenient location and then we will contact you by email or phone to obtain any further information that we may require. You can also nominate other family members of friends to give their input into the events that have made up your life.

If you are nervous about being interviewed, you can simply complete our very comprehensive online questionnaire containing over three hundred thought-provoking questions.

Whichever option you choose you will be delighted with the results and every important detail of your life will never be forgotten.

Cost begin at just £500.

To order a MyLife biography for yourself, another family member or a friend, simply click here and complete the order form or for more information call us now on 07885 468674.

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