Corporate Histories

Corporate History Service


Why not share the story and secrets of your company’s success with your clients, prospects, employees, family and friends?

Whether it is to commemorate an anniversary, mark an achievement, prepare for a flotation/sale, or simply to record the epic story of your companies development, a corporate biography will ensure that your company’s success, and your involvement in it, is recorded for posterity.

To research your book we will interview: your directors and staff (both past and present), key suppliers, customers, and any other individuals who can contribute to the story.

Prices begin at just £3,500 + VAT which includes three days of interviewing/research and the first ten hardback copies of your book.

As with our other services, your corporate history can include several pages of photographs.

If you would like to find out more about our service, simply click here to complete the enquiry form or call us now on 07885 468674.